Wicked jungle mixtape with strictly unreleased productions by the infamous ganjaman_72. Some are remixes of Fast Forward Sound dubplates.


Hiphop reggae in a dancehall style, as the Dr Alban would say.

Roots and culture. Some wicked tracks from the 70´s and early 80´s.

Some deadly jungle right here, straight from the vaults of ganjaman_72.

A weird mixtape with one record stuck on one of the turntables… Here´s Ranking Dreads great album Lots of loving paired with some great songs on the same riddims.


Another tribute to Fattis and the Xterminator family. Don´t be surprised if we do a volume 3 soon… What a producer! All from vinyl, by the way.


A tribute to living legend Frankie Paul. From early 80´s and on. From sloooow roots and rub a dub to some nice bubbling digital tunes. All from vinyl, except the dubplates. Enjoy!



A tribute to Fattis Burrell, put together after we heard the sad news about his death. What an amazing producer! Recorded straight trough in one take. Tracklist here.


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